BFHS wrestlers win St. Maries tournament

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ST. MARIES — Bonners Ferry had six individual champions to claim the team title at the Chad E. Ross Memorial Tournament at St. Maries High.

Jake Summerfield (106 pounds), Marcus Regehr (126), Evan Barajas (132), Chad Maas (138), Manuel Naccarato (145) and Eli Richards (160) went unbeaten on the day for Bonners Ferry, which beat tournament host St. Maries by 16 points with 192.5.

Also placing for the Badgers were Bryan Durette, who took third at 145 pounds; and Spencer Eby (132), Sky Reinhardt (138) and Jackson Richter (170), who all placed sixth.

• On Dec. 21, several Bonners Ferry wrestlers competed in the Buzz Lucey Tournament at Lincoln County High School iin Eureka, Mont.

Summerfield took first place in the 113-pound weight class, while Durette was second at 145.

Bonners Ferry wrestlers return to action on Friday and Saturday, as the Badgers compete in the River City Duals meet at Post Falls High School.

Chad E. Ross Memorial Tournament, St. Maries

TEAM SCORES — 1, Bonners Ferry 192.5. 2, St. Maries 176.5. 3, Rogers 124. 4, Coeur d’Alene 123. 5, Clearwater Valley 113. 6, Orofino 98. 7, Liberty 94. 8, Kellogg 82. 9, Lakeland 74. 10, Priest River 69. 11, Lewiston 56. 12, Northwest Christian 31.5. 13, Kootenai 4. 14, Grangeville 2.


98 — Keyan Boller, Clearwater Valley, p. Darren Gosch, Lakeland, :10. 106 — Jake Summerfield, Bonners Ferry, p. Aiden Rodebaugh, Coeur d’Alene, :43.

113 — Wyatt Hei, Kellogg, d. Dylan Sotin, St. Maries, 7-6. 120 — Austin Smith, Coeur d’Alene, p. Keith Poirier, Priest River, 2:15. 126 — Marcus Regehr, Bonners Ferry, p. Sammy Manina, Northwest Christian, 3:36. 132 — Evan Barajas, Bonners Ferry, d. Christian Fabbi, Clearwater Valley, 13-7. 138 — Chad Maas, Bonners Ferry, d. Colton Dow, Lakeland, 6-1. 145 — Manuel Naccarato, Bonners Ferry, p. Cedar Fisher, Clearwater Valley, 4:00. 152 — Isaac Sweeney, Rogers, p. Josh Haas, Liberty, 5:04. 160 — Eli Richards, Bonners Ferry, p. Trysten Lockridge, St. Maries, 1:36. 170 — Jesse Turner, Liberty, p. Joseph Lawrence, Rogers, 5:14. 182 — Clayton Larson, Orofino, p. Christian Sweeney, Rogers, 2:22. 195 — Kyle Sibert, St. Maries, p. Truxton Wilson, Priest River, 1:30. 220 — Delbert Lambson, St. Maries, tf. Caleb Johnson, Orofino, 17-0. 285 — Dylan Franks, Coeur d’Alene, p. Adam Rouse, St. Maries, :27.


98 — Hayden Sorbel, Priest River, p. Zander Johnson, Lewiston, 2:12. 106 — Landon Olsen, Clearwater Valley, p. Tony Diep, Rogers, 1:28. 113 — Anthony Fabbi, Clearwater Valley, p. Gabriel Ruth, Lewiston, :28. 120 — Carter Stepro, Kellogg, p. Callum Mickey, Lakeland, 1:35. 126 — Owen Prince, Liberty, d. Jayce Garcia, Kellogg, 10-3. 132 — Ashton Strobel, Liberty, p. Sam Martin, St. Maries, 4:06. 138 — Austin Nine, Lewiston, p. Maddix Maciosek, Coeur d’Alene, :10. 145 — Bryan Durette, Bonners Ferry, d. Andrew Anderson, Orofino, 7-5. 152 — Eli Villa, St. Maries, d. Sean Larsen, Orofino, 4-3. 160 — Caber Taylor, Rogers, d. Gordan Sampson, Rogers, 7-5. 170 — Shaun Anderson, St. Maries, p. Kai Naranjo, Orofino, 4:07. 182 — Brody Harris, Kellogg, p. Josh Howell, 1:24. 195 — Andrew Stockham, Coeur d’Alene, p. Samuel Vaughn, Orofino, :44. 220 — Jarred Killian, Lakeland, p. Cole Dunbar, Coeur d’Alene, 3:29. 285 — Ben Vaughn, Orofino, p. Landon Warren, St. Maries, 1:37.


98: Taylor DeFalco — DNP

Quarterfinals – Darren Gosch (Lakeland) over Taylor DeFalco (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 0:49) Cons. Round 1 – Taylor DeFalco (Bonners Ferry) over Holli Schumacher (Orofino) (Fall 1:47) Cons. Semis – Zander Johnson (Lewiston) over Taylor DeFalco (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 1:46)

106: Jake Summerfield — 1st

Quarterfinals – Jake Summerfield (Bonners Ferry) received a bye Semifinals – Jake Summerfield (Bonners Ferry) over Landon Olsen (Clearwater Valley) (Dec 8-2) 1st Place Match – Jake Summerfield (Bonners Ferry) over Aiden Rodebaugh (Coeur d Alene) (Fall 0:43)

126: Seth Fisher Fodge — DNP

Champ. Round 1 – Seth Fisher Fodge (Bonners Ferry) received a bye Quarterfinals – Jayce Garcia (Kellogg) over Seth Fisher Fodge (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 1:21) Cons. Round 2 – Seth Fisher Fodge (Bonners Ferry) received a bye Cons. Round 3 – Owen Prince (Liberty (Spangle)) over Seth Fisher Fodge (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 1:31)

126: Marcus Rehehr — 1st

Champ. Round 1 – Marcus Rehehr (Bonners Ferry) over John Meredith (Lakeland) (Fall 0:51) Quarterfinals – Marcus Rehehr (Bonners Ferry) over Levi Birkland (Rogers (Spokane)) (Fall 0:35) Semifinals – Marcus Rehehr (Bonners Ferry) over Ethan Kolar (St. Maries) (Fall 1:23) 1st Place Match – Marcus Rehehr (Bonners Ferry) over Sammy Manina (Northwest Christian (Colbert)) (Fall 3:36)

132: Evan Barajas — 1st

Champ. Round 1 – Evan Barajas (Bonners Ferry) over Ryan Wilson (Coeur d Alene) (Fall 0:52) Quarterfinals – Evan Barajas (Bonners Ferry) over Aidan Troumbley (Priest River) (Fall 0:40) Semifinals – Evan Barajas (Bonners Ferry) over Sam Martin (St. Maries) (Fall 3:12) 1st Place Match – Evan Barajas (Bonners Ferry) over Christian Fabbi (Clearwater Valley) (Dec 13-7)

132: Spencer Eby — 6th

Champ. Round 1 – Spencer Eby (Bonners Ferry) over Zach Johnson (Coeur d Alene) (Fall 0:40) Quarterfinals – Mason Acord (Rogers (Spokane)) over Spencer Eby (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 3:33) Cons. Round 2 – Spencer Eby (Bonners Ferry) over Caden Sampsel (Coeur d Alene) (Fall 1:53) Cons. Round 3 – Sam Martin (St. Maries) over Spencer Eby (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 1:35)

138: Chad Maas — 1st

Champ. Round 1 – Chad Maas (Bonners Ferry) received a bye Quarterfinals – Chad Maas (Bonners Ferry) over Austin Reeves (Priest River) (Fall 0:34) Semifinals – Chad Maas (Bonners Ferry) over Austin Nine (Lewiston) (MD 10-1) 1st Place Match – Chad Maas (Bonners Ferry) over Colton Dow (Lakeland) (Dec 6-1)

138: Sky Reinhardt — 6th

Champ. Round 1 – Sky Reinhardt (Bonners Ferry) received a bye Quarterfinals – Sky Reinhardt (Bonners Ferry) over Ryan Birkland (Rogers (Spokane)) (Fall 0:55) Semifinals – Colton Dow (Lakeland) over Sky Reinhardt (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 1:58) Cons. Round 3 – Maddix Macioseck (Coeur d Alene) over Sky Reinhardt (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 2:13)

145: Bryan Durette — 3rd

Champ. Round 1 – Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) over Gregory Cooper (Lewiston) (TF 18-2 5:45) Quarterfinals – Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) over Hutton Hegbloom (Lakeland) (Dec 10-3) Semifinals – Cedar Fisher (Clearwater Valley) over Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 4:00) Cons. Semis – Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) over Mike Bauman (Northwest Christian (Colbert)) (Fall 4:00) 3rd Place Match – Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) over Andrew Anderson (Orofino) (Dec 7-5)

145: Manuel Naccarato — 1st

Champ. Round 1 – Manuel Naccarato (Bonners Ferry) received a bye Quarterfinals – Manuel Naccarato (Bonners Ferry) over Mike Bauman (Northwest Christian (Colbert)) (Fall 1:45) Semifinals – Manuel Naccarato (Bonners Ferry) over Kayden Zimmerman (Kellogg) (Fall 2:58) 1st Place Match – Manuel Naccarato (Bonners Ferry) over Cedar Fisher (Clearwater Valley) (Fall 4:00)

160: Eli Richards — 1st

Quarterfinals – Eli Richards (Bonners Ferry) over Noah Sievers (Liberty (Spangle)) (Fall 0:29) Semifinals – Eli Richards (Bonners Ferry) over Caber Taylor (Rogers (Spokane)) (Fall 1:01) 1st Place Match – Eli Richards (Bonners Ferry) over Trysten Lockridge (St. Maries) (Fall 1:36)

170: Jackson Richter – 6th

Champ. Round 1 – Jackson Richter (Bonners Ferry) over Jesse Poisel (Priest River) (Fall 1:34) Quarterfinals – Jackson Richter (Bonners Ferry) over Mark Stemrich (Orofino) (Fall 1:26) Semifinals – Joseph Lawrence (Rogers (Spokane)) over Jackson Richter (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 3:18) Cons. Round 3 – Kai Naranjo (Orofino) over Jackson Richter (Bonners Ferry) (Dec 4-3)

Girls: Lily Morgan — 4th

Round 1 – Keira White (Orofino) over Lily Morgan (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 0:51) Round 2 – Taylor Stovern (Kellogg) over Lily Morgan (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 0:24) Round 3 – Paige Stewart (St. Maries) over Lily Morgan (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 0:00)

2019 Buzz Lucey Tournament

Dec. 21, Lincoln County High School, Eureka, Mont.


113: Jake Summerfield – 1st

Quarterfinals – Jake Summerfield (Bonners Ferry) over Brian Lyles (Polson) (MD 11-0) Semifinals – Jake Summerfield (Bonners Ferry) over Brady Shrenk (Plains / Hot Springs) (Fall 0:35) 1st Place Match – Jake Summerfield (Bonners Ferry) over Thomas Putnam (Glacier (Kalispell)) (Fall 2:40)

132: Spencer Eby — DNP

Quarterfinals – Kyle McCollam (Glacier (Kalispell)) over Spencer Eby (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 0:39) Cons. Round 3 – Spencer Eby (Bonners Ferry) over Dominic Peltier (Eureka) (MD 10-0) Cons. Semis – Jace Samsel (Arlee) over Spencer Eby (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 3:25)

138: Sky Reinhardt — DNP

Quarterfinals – Sky Reinhardt (Bonners Ferry) over Grayson Barcus (Glacier (Kalispell)) (Fall 0:21) Semifinals – Nathan Schmidt (Eureka) over Sky Reinhardt (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 1:43) Cons. Semis – Ricardo Hewitt (Glacier (Kalispell)) over Sky Reinhardt (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 0:01)

145: Bryan Durette — 2nd

Champ. Round 1 – Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) over Jalen Hawes (Flathead) (Fall 1:30) Quarterfinals – Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) over Shelton Woll (Bigfork) (Dec 11-9) Semifinals – Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) over Chance Muller (Eureka) (Fall 2:54) 1st Place Match – Colt Crawford (Arlee) over Bryan Durette (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 3:03)

160: Jordan Freeman-Jehn — DNP

Quarterfinals – Jordan Freeman-Jehn (Bonners Ferry) over Colyn Johnson (Eureka) (Dec 8-1) Semifinals – Demetrix Austin (Arlee) over Jordan Freeman-Jehn (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 1:57) Cons. Semis – Jesse Uski (Plains / Hot Springs) over Jordan Freeman-Jehn (Bonners Ferry) (Fall 0:57)

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