Letter to the Editor: Smelter for Newport, WA. is Bad For Us Too

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SMELTER: Would affect Boundary County

Did you know that Newport, Wash., is the proposed location for the second largest silicon smelter in the U.S. and Canada; the only one west of the Mississippi?

Did you know that the emissions from this smelter are toxic and the impact it will have on our air, water, wildlife and forests?

DonĎt think it will affect you? Think again. Some of the health hazards caused by these toxic emissions are: autoimmune disease, Silicosis, Lung Cancer, COPD, Chronic Pneumonia, and Bronchitis.

These emissions per year will be found everywhere; in your homes, in businesses, forests, lungs of humans, and wildlife.

Still donít think you need to worry about the smelter because you think is it so far away, the air will never reach our community? Think again.

Canada will be moving the material by rail and trucks; carrying the materials from Canada, down Hwy 95, right through our community!! Will the trucks be covered to protect us from the materials they are carrying? NO. Only mesh netting.

How many trucks are going to be used? They estimate 137+ full and empty trucks per day, over a period of 16 hours, five days a week, right through our community. Think what that will do to our roads, pollution, and added traffic issues.

Contact CANSS ó Citizens Against Newport Silicon Smelter ó at canslel7@gmail.com

This isnít just Newport or Priest Riverís problem, this is all of our problem here in the Northwest; we need to express our objections to this proposed smelter being built and get it stopped!!

Natalie Long

Bonners Ferry

ELECTION: Clark for Boundary County Clerk

I am excited to announce Beate Clark is running for Boundary County Clerk. Her tenure with Boundary County Treasurerís department gives her the knowledge and experience on how the county runs. She feels there is a need to streamline the work load in several departments. She would bring a fresh perspective with new ideas to the position of County Clerk.

Beate believes in strict voter integrity and maintaining a strong vigilance against potential voter fraud. Her strong organizational skills, unwavering integrity and joyful personality is conducive for building strong relationships and fostering an environment of team work with her associates

Currently, prior to moving to Idaho, she was Assistant Publisher for 12 years at the Nob Hill Gazette. She supervised a staff of 10 employees fostering a strong team spirit and camaraderie within her department. She came to the United States in 1994 and began working as a bookkeeper. Beate has an accounting background being formerly employed as a tax accountant earlier in her career

Beate is eager, and has the passion and experience, to serve our community. She is requesting your vote on May 15 for Boundary County Clerk.

Lynda Fioravanti

Bonners Ferry

ELECTION: Poston for Boundary County Clerk

This letter is in support of retaining Glenda Poston as Boundary County Clerk/Recorder. She is honest, caring, articulate, and always does what is best for the county. She is bound by laws to run her offices as required by the State of ldaho.

Glenda is one of the few people I know who can do many and variety of projects and do them all meticulously. She is well respected throughout the state. She will continue to work in the best interests of the people of Boundary County.

Please vote for Glenda in the Primary Election on May 15.


Linda Alt

Bonners Ferry

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