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Pondering a new playground

I have been told I should look at the “hope & change” for “our” children that a playground/basketball/tennis court in Moyie Springs will bring. So, after the March council meeting, I sat down and pondered it.

Perhaps the area around the electric substation (already fenced, no worries) would be paved to provide an area to park while waiting to use the courts.

Be useful for the children to skateboard, ride bikes, ATVs and gather. Sidewalks added to North Division and side roads paved so the children don’t walk in the street.

Crosswalks with flashing lights to slow/stop traffic added so the children are safe. Perhaps a traffic signal at the intersection to mitigate the added traffic from the new housing development.

Of course, the playground/basketball/tennis court will need “infrastructure” like trash collection, bathrooms, lighting, water, Wi-Fi, cell service etc. It will require seasonal and daily maintenance so new city employees will have to be hired.

Wait, all that “infrastructure” is already in place at City Hall! Oh drat ... the children would have to walk several blocks to get there.

Dang ... where is that empty SPOT bus when you need it?

Rosanne Smith

Moyie Springs

Ahrens a strong candidate

Former State Senator and congressional candidate Russ Fulcher has endorsed Danielle Ahrens for State Senate in Legislative District 1.

Citing her committed servant leadership and dedication to conservative values, Fulcher recently announced his endorsement of Ahrens.

With nine years of experience serving in the Idaho State Senate, Russ Fulcher knows what is required to work in the Idaho legislature. His belief is that Danielle Ahrens has the qualifications necessary to serve the people of Idaho.

“I support Danielle Ahrens for State Senate in Legislative District 1, and I ask that you do the same,” Fulcher said, “Danielle has the conservative values and servant leadership characteristics that will benefit all Idahoans. ”

Individuals interested in learning more about Danielle Ahrens’ campaign and her vision for a united, freer North Idaho are invited to check out AhrensForIdaho.com.

Brady Smith

Sagle, ID

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