Concerned about those without means

Austerity is a popular word there using in this yearís election. But the word austerity is being used in part with the economy, which simply means ďreduced availability of luxuries and consumer goods, especially when brought about by government policy.Ē

A lot of times I've been hearing during the election about cutting taxes and funding for different programs, which is our safety nets for all of us.With all the talk I haven't yet heard of many cuts or reduction in luxury items. Reduction in programs that target people with lower incomes isn't necessary fair way of austerity.

The ones I'm most concerned about are those who are without adequate means; our safety nets need to be in place and completely intact.They should have adequate funding. Adequate funding does or doesn't mean to increase or decrease budget for our safety nets. At present time some of our safety nets are set up to trap one into poverty.

Actually it time to look how our safety nets are managed. Safety nets shouldn't be sat up to entrap someone into pauperization.

Dora Vandenberg


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