Thanks for the help

My husband and myself were just visiting your city and unfortunately our van broke down in the A1 Foods parking lot.

I stopped a young gentleman driving into the lot and asked if he had jumper cables. He did not have them with him but he came over and we decided it was the battery. He took my husband to a auto parts store and dropped him off to purchase a battery.

He then went home got his jumper cables and tools and then went back to pick him up. They arrived back at the van he immediately went to work with my husband and replaced our battery. It worked to our relief and we were soon on our way after thanking our rescuer. This young man did not have to help us but he went out of his way to lend us a hand.

If we had to break down anywhere I am glad we did it in your community were people are willing to help strangers. We did not get his name but if you publish this in your newspaper I hope he will see it and know how much his help meant. You have a beautiful town and beautiful people.

Lynn and Gerry Fitzpatrick Kimberley, B.C.


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