Riverside High School should remain

For many years Riverside High School has provided a safe, nurturing, educational environment for our county’s at risk students. T

he June 21, 2012 article regarding Riverside High’s merger with Bonners Ferry High School stated that the change will benefit the students. How can this be?

Here is some information that wasn’t in the article:

There are many students who choose to enroll at Riverside High School seeking an alternative campus to Bonners Ferry High School due to personal safety and bullying issues.

Some have “fallen through the cracks” academically at the larger high school campus and are at risk of dropping out.

Many of the students have current IEP plans and special needs that require Special Education or Title one services.

The classroom has a 1 to 14 teacher/student ratio which supports a successful learning environment.

Some of the students are homeless and Riverside High School provides a support system. Riverside High School has recently lost one teaching position. Working hours for one uncertified staff member were cut resulting in the loss of wages and benefits. More staff and money need to be budgeted instead of taken away.

The public record shows that Riverside takes only 1.6 percent of the district’s budget. The public record also shows that the district currently has a $1.7 million reserve.

Why would the school board and community close a school campus that has provided so much success for our county’s students who also often have the highest needs?

There appears to be some basic human rights issues that have not been addressed for these students. If you are a community member that agrees please contact the school board to advocate for the Riverside students and for maintaining their campus.

Riverside High School has provided an exemplary option to the main high school campus. Remember everyone in our country is entitled to a proper public education.

Boundary County

Task Force on Human Rights

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