Letter to the Editor: “Wake UP! Stand Up! Don’t be Bullied by the ITD”

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Wake up! Stand up! Donít be bullied by ITD!

Itís time people, especially those with businesses on South Main, realize just what the Idaho Transportation Department is up to concerning the proposed street project on 95 South Main.

In November or December of 2017 an open meeting concerning the proposed project was held at the Middle School. Most of the people attending expressed opposition.

In 2014 the ITD initiated a study and the Idaho Legislature has subsequently allocated huge sums toward the study and the beginning of a project that will be destructive and make traffic flow and safety on HWY 95 from the bridge and along South Main much worse than it is now.

The funds remaining that are allocated toward this ITD project as presently proposed should be redirected by the Idaho Legislature toward an alternate route of HWY 95 and to designate current South Main as Business 95 with reasonable access from the hopefully newly routed Hwy 95.

It is seriously important that District Representatives Heather Scott, Shane Dixon and senator Keough, county commissioners, and city council be contacted.

I admonish the Bonners Ferry Herald to print contact information of these people and persons of the ITD.

Donít allow the legislature to get away with saying it is too late to introduce legislature to stop the project as set up on computer generated maps.

Thank you

John L. White

Moyie Springs

Seniors, beware of phone scam

Senior Citizens should be aware of a common telephone scam that is being perpetrated on our age group!

Before moving to Bonners Ferry I was attending a Senior Art Class, when my 82 year old friend received a phone call, supposedly from her grandson who was making a film in Canada. He said he had gotten drunk and was thrown in jail. Consequentially, he needed $8,000 wired to him immediately by Western Union. Therefore, my friend left class and withdrew the $8,000 from the Credit Union and headed to Western Union to send him the cash. Fortunately, the Credit Union Manager knew it was a scam and was able to catch up with her at Western Union, before she sent the money. They then went to the police department, and were told they were aware of the scam, but there was little they could do about it. The police did say that they ďpreyĒ on seniors, after they look up the senior age and immediate family.

Shortly thereafter, I too received a phone call from a young adult posing as my grandson. I immediately knew the voice on the other end was not his, so I asked him ďWho is this?Ē

He replied: ďGrandma are you having a senior moment and donít know your own grandsonís voice?Ē

With that, I hung up. A few days later, someone called posing as our son-in-law, but I was ďon to them.Ē

Yesterday, I received a call in Bonners Ferry, saying, ďHi Mom, this is your son, Tom; but we only have daughters. Again, the scam artist said: ďAre you crazy that you donít you recognize your own sonís voice. I asked him where he lived and also asked him where he worked; thankfully he hung up!

This fraudulent widespread scam is going all over the nation, so please be aware!

Audrey Byrer

Bonners Ferry

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