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100 Year

Schmidt Bros. are putting in a new sawmill on Perkins Lake which will have a capacity of 30,000 feet per day. About 50 men will be employed in the camp which will be furnished with electricity and will be modern in every way. The lumber which is to be taken out is to be sold to the Saginaw Match Block Company which has a match block plant at Sandpoint.

One of the most successful benefits ever given in this city was the rummage sale held in the Critic building last Saturday when with I. Causton as auctioneer, the bundles of donated clothing, the fruit, the vegetables and odds and ends of all kinds were sold and a total of $176.50 was cleared and turned over to the Red Cross for Xmas boxes for the soldiers.

A real estate deal of considerable importance was closed last Thursday when W.B. Nester sold his 40 acre ranch in the Cow Creek district to I. Causton, the consideration being $2,000 cash. The deal included stock and farm implements as well as Mr. Nestor’s household goods. Mr. Causton bought the place for an investment. Mr. Nestor plans to leave soon for Spokane or Portland where he will enlist in the navy.

50 Year

Mr. and Mrs. V.C. Mitchell, owners and operators of Paradise Valley Dairy for the past nine years, this week announced that they have sold the dairy to their son, Harold (Ray) Stueve, and family.

A major step in the construction of the Libby dam project will be taken Friday, when the Kootenai river is diverted from its normal channel. The prime contractor, Libby Builders, has completed excavation of a diversion channel and built a channel bridge. The downstream dike will be breached today, permitting the river to back up into the channel. During the early stages of dam construction Great Northern railway company trains will run through a hole in the dam which will be plugged when the GN relocation is completed in the fall of 1971.

Mrs. Bob Love of Moyie Springs got a little impatient with her husband and his friends who were spending long hours in the field hunting deer. Mrs. Love said their hunting technique of going out and trudging through the woods was all wrong, adding that the correct way is to go out and sit in the car and wait for the deer to come to them. Mrs. Love proved her point when she went out hunting and came back with a five-point buck in less than an hour. It was her first deer and she nailed him with two shots.

Seen and Heard….George Tharp falling off the Porthill ferry into the cool Kootenai

15 Year

Mrs. Katz’s 1st grade class Thanksgiving recipes: Pumpkin Pie by Mat Kramer – 1 cup butter, 1 cup milk, 2 cups pumpkin, 4 peas. Put everything in a bowl. Put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 30 degrees. Mashed Potatoes by April Bourbon – 2 cups milk, 2 medium potatoes, 1 egg. Stir it all up and cook for three hours.

Seen N’ Heard…Ask Dallas Lane how he felt after shooting a 5x5 elk and hiking out five miles to get some help to pack it out – thieves cut up the carcass when he was gone, stole the meat and left him just the front shoulders and ribs

Seven members of the Bonners Ferry Badgers varsity football team were selected to the 2002 Intermountain Team All-Stars first team. Badger wide receiver Tyrell Schirado was named co-Offensive Player of the Year. Other players named were wide receiver Ben Mitchell, defensive lineman Mark Pluid, linebacker Josh Singleton, linebacker James Carey, wide receiver Erik Hansen, wide receiver Tyrell Schirado and quarterback Ben Greenslitt. Jacob High and Riley Mayo were both named to second team defense.

Valley View Elementary School is one of eight schools in Idaho that has been selected by the Idaho Environmental Education Association to implement the Environment as an Integrating Context (The EIC Model) and form a statewide demonstration network. The model will assist teams of teachers at each school to design learning programs to help attain the new Idaho Achievement Standards.

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