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100 Year

At an expense of in the neighborhood of $500 Charles Woods, manager of the Amazon theatre, has installed this week a gas engine operated electric light system. Distillate may be used for fuel instead of gasoline. The new electric system was installed because Mr. Woods has been unable to depend upon getting electricity from the local system which has been so handicapped this season on account of lack of water at the Myrtle Creek plant.

Bonner Supply Co. ad – 9 lb. sack Yellow Corn Meal, $.73 sack; 49 lb. sack Isis Flour, $3.10 sack; 98 lbs. sack Isis Flour, $6.10 sack; Blueing, $.08 bottle; Sunbrite Cleaner, reg. $.05, $.04 can; Bacon, lean $.38 lb; Bacon, regular $.46 lb.

Varying Lengths of Life – While crabs are known to have lived for half a century, the average life of the oyster is but four years. Frogs die sooner than toads, as the latter may live for 36 years.

A record was made at the Northside school at the fire drill last week. Thirty seconds after the sound of the alarm, the last child passed out. This remarkable record is due in part to the fact that the drill was performed at double quick time.

The saw mill of the Bonners Ferry Lumber Company resumed operations this morning after a shutdown of several weeks on account of not having sufficient water in the slough leading from the Kootenai river to the mill ponds to float logs. The company has enough logs on hand to keep the mill running for about six or seven weeks.

50 Year

Max Schnuerle, 22, received a broken arm and minor scratches early last Saturday morning when he swerved his car to avoid hitting a deer and left Highway 95, about 12 miles north of Bonners Ferry, going into the ditch and knocking over a telephone pole. Schnuerle was taken to Community hospital in Bonners Ferry and treated for his injuries, remaining hospitalized until Monday.

The woods are full of women hunting big game these days, but when’s the last time you heard of a lady deer hunter who shot an antlered doe? Mrs. Edward (Edith) Harding of Paradise Valley did just that last Wednesday while hunting on Queen mountain. She said the doe was a white-tail and had heavy spike horns about six inches long. The antlers were not polished and Mrs. Harding said antlered does do not rub the velvet off as bucks do. She said it was the first antlered doe she had ever seen, and it is quite rare to find them. She hunts with a 30-30 rifle.

Elk hunting in this area can easily be summed up – there aren’t many to be found and you’ve got to hurry to find those.

15 Year

Wide-eyed with astonishment, three-year old Raven Reader couldn’t be more delighted and awestruck as a deer sticks its head through an open car window and places a big kiss on her hand as her family drove through Hope last summer. Deer in the Hope area have become so domesticated and tame over the years that dozens can be seen on lawns and casually stroll up to greet visitors.

The City of Bonners Ferry took a major step forward Tuesday night in an attempt to revamp what many feel has been a slumping retail atmosphere here for years. Setting aside formal protests from 10 property owners opposed to the formation of a downtown taxing district, the Bonners Ferry City Council unanimously adopted a resolution to create a Local Improvement District (LID) to help fund improvement for the downtown revitalization project.

A loaded logging truck rolled over while at the scales at the Louisiana-Pacific Moyie Springs mill last Friday. No injuries were reported.

Charred rubble is all that remains after a fire destroyed the 4,200 square foot shop at Duarte Construction a half-mile from the L-P mill on Riverside Sunday afternoon. Over 25 firefighters from all volunteer departments battled the blaze for close to five hours, which began around 2 p.m. Fire officials said the shop was a total loss and may have been sparked by outside weed burning which ignited a large pile of cedar logs and cords of firewood near the shop.

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