Tower Comedy Club features several comedians

Rick Reed, owner of The Tower, World's Smallest Comedy Club, poses with guest comedians at last weekend's two-day show. They even held up a copy of the Bonners Ferry Herald. Pictured l-r: Ken McComb, Steve Burnham, musician, Zaq Bell, Harry Riley, Rick Reed.


Staff writer

Naples comedian Rick Reed and his visiting comedians utilized daily life, and a plethora of other subjects to creatively entertain the audience. Those joining Reed last weekend at The Tower, World's Smallest Comedy Club, otherwise known as Fort Ridiculous, included Ken McComb, Zaq Bell and Harry Riley. This group had the crowd giggling, snickering and outright belly laughing at last Friday's performance.

For those who haven't seen a show at the Tower, the building will surprise and enchant visitors, so to describe it, would spoil the experience. The ambiance was further enhanced by talented musician, and Reed's friend, Steve Burnham.

The audience included an eclectic lot that consisted of a mix of blue collar, white collar and business moguls ranging from local residents to several out-of-state visitors.

Reed and his compatriots worked their magic in a variety of methods, including Reed asking the audience how many of them had dropped a bolt down into the depth of their car's engine? Everyone raised their hands.

Reed said, "It doesn't drop all the way down, and you can see it, but your hand can't reach it. A light bulb came on in my mind one day, and I remembered a science class that taught me how to magnetize a screw driver to attract the bolt. After some almost successful attempts, I thought, well if a little magnetism isn't doing it, maybe if I add a bit more electrical charge? My wife heard me scream and came in to see my hair standing on end!"

Comedian Harry Riley, who was enjoying his first visit to the Tower, blended his experiences on the East Coast with the flavor of local audience, while kicking a mix of his African American heritage, had the crowd roaring at his verbal descriptions and pantomime.

Zaq Bell, using a multitude of voice imitations of TV and movie stars, such as the Reverend Jim from Taxi, Forest Gump, Clint Eastwood and even Matt Dillon from the old television series Gunsmoke in present day situations.

Contact Lisa Nash, Reed's agent, at 208-267-4010, to find out about the new television act they are planning, or to learn when another Tower show is scheduled. Reed, 55, urged everyone to check out his website and see what's new and upcoming at

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