County requests damage reports

The Emergency Manager for Boundary County is asking all residents of Boundary County who suffered structural damage to their home or buildings during the Snow Storm Event during our declared emergency to please report those damages in the form of an email to:

The purpose for tracking those damages is should Boundary County cross the threshold where the county would qualify for federal assistance in the form of low cost loans for those damages you would like to be on that list.

Please include location of damage, description of damage, approximate cost of damage or replacement. Photos are always a great thing to have. We also need contact information.

This is in no way to suggest that federal assistance is currently available, but we want to be prepared if it should happen.

This is your county and your participation is important in order to protect your home and security for the future. Take the time to provide your damage reports as needed.

During any life threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.

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