Tuesday’s Trouble wraps up week 20

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The Tuesday’s Trouble bowling league has wrapped up twenty weeks of bowling.

Helen Heritage got high scratch game 185, second high handicap game 456, high handicap game 249 and second high handicap series 648.

Alice VanGundy got second high scratch game 183, high scratch series 463 and second high handicap game 240.

Carolyn McNeill got third high scratch game 154 and third high scratch series 421.

Nancy Furtado got third high handicap game 230 and high handicap seris 1813.

DaVonna Cada got third high handicap series 641.

The Tigers (Evelyn Smith, Alice VanGundy, Jeanne Osborn) got high scratch game 398, second high scratch series 1141 and third high handicap game 614.

The Cougars (Debbie Richards, Helen Heritage, VACANT) got second high scratch game 398, high handicap game 641 and high handicap series 1813.

The Grizzlies (DaVonna Cada, Jackie Delclos, Carolyn McNeil) got third high scratch game 395, high scratch series 1160 and third high handicap series 1808.

The Laughing Hyenas (Dolores Sweet, Lila Finley, Melayne Stevens) got third high scratch series 1089.

The Panda Bears (Lil Jimenez, Nancy Furtado, VACANT) got second high handicap game 626 and second high handicap series 1812.

Helen Heritage got a four bagger. No one got a turkey. Doubles were bowled by Alice VanGundy and DaVonna Cada.

Splits were converted by DaVonna Cada and Dolores Sweet, the 3-10. Debbie Richards got the 4-5, Lil Jimenez the 5-6, and Lila Finley the 2-7. Jackie Delclos picked up the 5-6 and the 5-6-10.

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