Winter Fun!

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School is out!

What winter time fun are you having?

This young man is sledding by what school?

Do you recognize the building?

Do you know who this is on the sled?

If you have an answer, please email

If you would like to stay anonymous, just let us know.

Last week, we showed a picture of a Mt. Hall basketball team.

The museum has no other information.

Do you recognize any of the young men or coach in the picture?

Do you know what year it may have been taken?

Your help would be appreciated.

The museum will be closed on New Yearís Eve.

If you are looking for something to add to your New Yearís resolutions, maybe consider volunteering at the museum.

Just a few hours a month would help.

Dusting, vacuuming, cataloging and welcoming guests are just a few things you could help out with.

Thank you for your consideration.

Time to renew your membership to the Boundary County Historical Society or even start a new membership.

Looking for that person that is hard to buy for? Gift Certificates are available!

See you next year!

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